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  • GACSoft Remote Login  v.2.0GACSoft Remote Login gives professionals and office workers the ability to login remote computer for reaching resources. The flexibility of GACSoft Remote Login allows any Internet-capable apparatus to login the VPN of your choice remotely.
  • Download Lightning  v.1.0This project will provide a suite of applications which will function as a remote file download accelerator . The roadmap for the project is 1. proof of concept (Command Line Interface) cli client. 2. resume / failure recovery added ...
  • Quest OpenSSH  v.4.7p1_q1Quest OpenSSH provides password-less, secure, encrypted remote login and file transfer services for VAS.
  • AIUSoft Remote Control  v.2.0AIUSoft Remote Control, a kind of software which was developed for remote control, lets you assume control of another computer across a local network or the Internet.
  • ABZSoft Remote Control  v.2.0ABZSoft Remote Control is the perfect software for you. ABZSoft Remote Control has been further enhanced to provide the highest level of power, performance, and reliability. ABZSoft Remote Control is a software.
  • AMKSoft Remote Access  v.2.0Accessing PCs remotely, AMKSoft Remote access gives professionals and office workers the ability to access resources remotely. It provides the ability to establish a remote connection anywhere, anytime to the computer you want to access.
  • GATEWAY Laptop Remote Desktop  v.4.2GATEWAY Laptop Remote Desktop is a kind of software that allows you to access the files and programs on other computers through your own computer. It is useful for Windows users with more than one computer.
  • WINBOOK Laptop Remote Desktop  v.4.2WINBOOK Laptop Remote Desktop is a kind of software that allows you to access the files and programs on other computers through your own computer. It is useful for Windows users with more than one computer.
  • Auto ShutDown XP Professional  v.2005The most advanced Auto ShutDown application on the market. Functions include Schedules, Conditional shutdown, Auto Save Manager, Security, Prevent PC Restarts, Quick Shutdown, Remote systems shutdown, Auto Login, user guide and lots more.
  • FtpGoServer  v.1.1FtpGoServer is a simple, fast and very small (10K) Java FTP server ...
  • Security Update for Windows Server 2008 (KB960803) - English  v.960803A security issue has been identified that could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to compromise your system and gain control over it.
  • VNN  v.4.0iTunes sharing, Remote home NAS access, GotoMyOfficePC, Remote Desktop to your PC behind SOHO router, play WarCraft on the Internet, run FTP/WEB server from your PC. Create multiple VPNs from one box, Multiple domain VPN, WAN Accelerating, Secure IM ...
  • ThinRDP Server  v.2.2HTML5 RDP client for remote access to VDI / RDS, Windows programs, documents, files, and network resources through a PC, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, ChromeBook, or any other device that supports HTML5. Remote audio and file transfer features.
  • X-ThinPro X-Server for Windows  v.6.7X-Server for windows X-ThinPro allows to run UNIX (X-Windows) applications on your PC and is an inexpensive but powerful and effective way to transform a standard PC into a fully functional X-terminal. Included in the package are the X-Window System, ...
  • Shoshone  v.1.5Shoshone is a simple Java HTTP Client, an alternative to the standard URLConnection.
  • Network Inventory Advisor for Mac  v.1.1.2573Network Inventory Advisor for Mac is an agentless remote Mac inventory software. It discovers all network OS X nodes by IP or network names, scans them for technical data from System Profiler and compiles great-looking customizable reports.
  • Airscanner AirFix BetaNote: This Beta version of AirFix is free for personal, non-commercial use. It is not supported and is only made available as a tool for those who are debugging network applications via USB ActiveSync. With the release of ActiveSync 4.0, mobile users ...
  • Delta Credit Manager  v.6.2Written in Microsoft Visual Foxpro, this powerful system combines legal processing, data storage and connection to the information databases of ICC Information and Callcredit PLC into one complete credit management tool. Issue your own proceedings ...
  • IP Works SSH Java Edition  v.8.0.3022IP*Works! SSH is a suite of Secure Shell (SSH) enabled components for Internet development. Developers can build SSH secured apps using tools including a generic SSH component, Secure FTP (SFTP / SCP), and SSH enabled SMTP, POP, IMAP, HTTP, SOAP, ...
  • IP*Works! SSH  v.5.0Add instant SSH security to your Internet applications! IP*Works S/Shell for Microsoft .NET contains SSH-enabled, drop-in replacements for the components in the "classic" IP*Works! Internet Toolkit .With IP*Works! S/Shell, developers can rapidly ...
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